I didn't think I would be a blogger ever in my life even though I love to write...but I also just like it for myself as a tool to understand yourself better. the same goes for listening and reading to understand others better.  I am not sure it is as important to share as it is just to do it as an exercise. 

Song writing for me was actually mostly by accident and performing even more so because I find stage fright to be a real thing but its a challenge so I am supposing that is good for me. I have been learning music since I was very young and I loved it and still do. Its the practice of my life..given how many years on I am I should arguably be a more accomplished musician but alas I am what I am and I'm happy to have the knowledge I have and to keep learning.. il never know all the music you know what I mean..the theory probably scared me off for awhile from composing myself because I had the mentality of perfection as in "if your not going to be amazing...should you......" Should is not a helpful word for us in many ways to use towards ourselves or others...hard to eliminate I imagine but worth a try..Once I am playing I am supported by something and I don't know really what but something..maybe its fear of something but it feels like support..and you won't be sure of it or anything until its there 

until then....keep going creating and finding the way... 

joy.... in creating.....challenge in creating ..

like forgiveness or love ...


Published on 12th March 2019

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