im playing my first gig in the United Kingdom next weekend on the 21st of April ..Upstairs at the Ritzy in Brixton. I have been invited by music journalist and author Garth Cartwright ... whos book Chronical of the UK record store called going for a song i am currently reading.... its an amazing book and im not just saying it...the writing takes you there andfor anyone into music its a fantastic read////

i have not got to London in years so it is well well about time im going but this extra mission of a gig makes it that much sweeter...

i used to go quite often with my mum and i loved it and still do..the bustle and hustle of london can not be compared to any other place i have been... i have never lived there and im sure that may be a different hustle but for me its a feeling that as a visitor you cant help but be taken with....and the food!! my god the food!!! and the style....i am so looking forward to releasing the geese in BRIXTON !!!!!!!!!!! 


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Published on 14th April 2019

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