so many starts to this april 2020 

we have entered a shadow zone ireland it is spring but it does not have that feeling ...the growing part yes..but more like a growing pain...

however you get through this time is up to you 

whatever you do to get through is right for you 

in between whatever it is we are doing...we are grateful more than ever for the smallest things and i hope we grow in compassion ...

grow in love and kindness ...not everyone is convinced these tools can not be strong and fierce also ...that they dont fight ...but they do 

i know they do

they fight to the art in an artists heart before they sing it , dance it, write it , paint it...the hunger to be heard , seen, care about, 

live with dignity and integrity

die well

loss and grief take time ...give yourself the time...give yourself permission

ive been making a playlist an emotional song based journal since this began and ive updated it daily...its been intutition the presence of disco, hip hop, etc etc is not to make light ....i do not....i do encourage dancing ..even in grief...movement is to me very healing 

below in a link

im doing a gig the 23rd on zoom ...check next post to attend xxx

m.sea xxx

i wish you health <3 

would you like me to perform via zoom for a show in your living room ? please email me 

Published on 20th April 2020

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